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With two halls and a bar at the entrance, the Palanaunia is ideal for cultural events, fairs, conferences, concerts, and theater and dance events. The structure is an important gathering place for the community and it also has a fully equipped kitchen.

The two halls have different capacities:


  • "Wood" Hall, with 500 seats and 1.000 standing room seats

  • "Glass" Hall, with about 200 seats

The facility, appreciated for its modern and cozy structure, is located in the center of the village of Fondo and has convenient parking places located nearby.

How can I rent the structure?​

The Palanaunia is rented on the basis of a fee schedule agreed with the Municipality of Borgo D'Anaunia, which provides for different prices in the spring-autumn period and in the winter period (the rent in this case also includes heating costs).


For information and renting costs, contact the Cooperativa Smeraldo, which manages the facility.

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